Apple Asks Workers to Put on Physique Cameras to Assist Cease Leaks

Apple is asking some employees to wear body cameras to crack down on employees who leak products and information.

The latest iPhone or MacBook are probably the most leaked devices on the internet. According to a report, Apple is now asking some employees to wear body cameras to take action against product and information leaks.

Apple urges employees to wear body cameras

According to an exclusive report from Front Page Tech, certain Apple employees have been asked to wear a body camera when they work. This move is designed to prevent employees from leaking new products and information and "to ensure that its hardware trade secrets do not get into the hands of leaks".

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The reported new security measures only apply to certain product teams. That means Apple will ask the people on the teams working on new software and hardware to wear the cameras, not the retail store people. If employees wear body cameras, Apple would be able to review employee footage and monitor suspicious behavior.

To aid this report, Front Page Tech is providing information on what cameras Apple employees will be wearing. Allegedly, Apple will ask its employees to wear "police" body cameras, similar to the Axon Body 2 that is widely used across US law enforcement.

Image source: Axon

It's rather ironic that Apple's new security measures to prevent leaks have actually already been leaked. Maybe it's a bait and vicissitudes trap to identify leaks, or maybe Apple's security is really that bad.

Why does Apple hate leaks so much?

It's very clear that Apple hates leaks, as the company has proven over the years. Steve Jobs told interviewers he would "rather give up" than ignore leakers when an iPhone was found in a bar in 2010. In recent years, Tim Cook has warned of harsh penalties against Apple employees who leak information.

Recent letters to leaks and rendering artists asking them to stop posting leaks explain why Apple hates leaks so much. According to the letters, Apple doesn't want its secrets revealed to its competitors.

This makes sense, of course, and is an important business tactic. If you want to outperform your competitors, don't let them know what you are doing. Even so, the new security measures that require certain teams to wear body cameras seem a bit over the top.

Apple is trying to stop leaks

Over the past week we've heard from leakers and rendering artists that they have received letters from Apple asking them not to leak any new products. With the alleged new security measures for the body camera, Apple appears to be making an effort to stop leaks.

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