Android Apps Might Make Their Method to Home windows 10

Microsoft wants to bring Android apps to the Microsoft Store in 2021.

Microsoft is working hard to make Windows 10 the perfect companion for your Android phone, and rumor has it that the company is looking to expand this further. An anonymous source has claimed that the software company plans to introduce Android apps to the Microsoft Store.

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What is Microsoft planning for Android apps on Windows 10?

We first heard of this rumor in Windows Central, which was heard from an anonymous inside source.

There's a lot to break in the report, but noteworthy is this excerpt:

I was also told that Microsoft is playing around with bringing Android apps to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. I don't know how far this plan has progressed or when it will be delivered, but I have been told it might show up on the 2021 timeframe. I will have more to share about it soon.

This is especially interesting as it shows how badly Microsoft wants to work with Android phones.

Initially, the company released the Your Phone app on the PC. This app allows you to access your texts and pictures on your phone and gives you notifications of incoming SMS messages.

Then the company announced that if you own a particular Samsung phone, your phone will run Android apps. Microsoft then improved this even further by allowing some Samsung phones to run multiple apps on your phone at the same time.

An example of using WhatsApp using the update for your phone

While this is a useful way to combine Windows 10 with the smartphone world, it only benefits people who own certain Samsung phones. If you bring the Android apps straight to the Microsoft Store, everyone can run their favorite apps on their PC – even if they don't have a phone!

What else is coming for Windows 10 in 2021?

The report goes into greater detail on Microsoft's plans for Windows 10 in 2021. For one, the rumor is confirmed that Microsoft is fundamentally redesigning the Windows 10 user interface.

Microsoft is also planning to develop Windows 10X. This is a special variant under Windows 10, which was developed for laptops and devices with low and medium range. The source states that Microsoft is holding Windows 10X as a "Chrome OS killer".

Microsoft also wants to fully launch its cloud PC service in 2021. There is little information about cloud PCs on the internet, but nothing solid yet. If this report is true, we'll have to wait a little longer to see what Microsoft has planned for the cloud PC.

A year full of potential for Microsoft

2021 looks to be a big year for both Microsoft and Windows fans. While we don't have a lot of information right now, you should definitely keep an eye on Microsoft as 2020 draws to a close.

Microsoft wants to provide more Android apps for Windows 10, but also present itself in the Google Play Store. For example, the company recently released its Windows Defender antivirus as an app for Android.

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Microsoft releases its Defender Antivirus app for Android

While not everyone can use Windows Defender on Android, it is a sign of the future.

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