What just happened Custom PC maker Puget Systems has released its latest report on the distribution of Intel and AMD CPUs in the workstations it sells, and it's more good news for AMD. Team Red processors can still be found in about six out of ten systems sold by the company, which temporarily removed AMD CPUs from its configurations in 2015 because they were so unpopular. As we all know, Lisa Su's company has come a long way since then.

In his latest state-of-the-CPU report, William George of Puget System writes that as of June 60% of workstations sold were equipped with AMD processors, compared with 40% for Intel. That's up 1 percent for AMD compared to February, and it looks like Intel will lose even more to its competitor in July.

Another interesting statistic is that 59% (32 total) of the configurations recommended by the manufacturer are AMD workstations, while there are 22 Intel options, reflecting the pair's sales split. "The ratio there is almost exactly the 60:40 split we see in actual sales these days, which is fascinating because some of these systems are far more popular than others," writes George.

AMD isn't just taking the lead at Puget Systems. Ryzen processors continue to dominate Amazon's best-selling CPU charts, occupying eight places in the top ten. Intel's highest entry, the Core i5-10600K, is in seventh place. And this despite availability problems that result from the strain on TSMC's manufacturing processes due to the enormous demand.

One area that hasn't been so positive for AMD is the Steam Hardware Survey. After AMD had slashed Intel's CPU lead for months and finally exceeded a 30% share in May, AMD lost ground in June, posting a -1.72% decline. But the last time AMD saw a decline – December 2020 – it was followed by five months of gains.