Amazon Prime Video Involves macOS and It’s a Massive Deal

Amazon's streaming service finally has a Mac app for offline viewing and more. Could this be the start of a bigger trend?

Streaming services have long been shunned by Mac users, but Amazon broke the cycle of neglect. The company is releasing its Prime Video app for macOS, and that's a big deal.

Most popular streaming services have applications for Windows, Android, iOS, and even game consoles. However, Amazon is the first major player to venture onto the Mac. After the announcement, let's take a closer look at the new Prime Video app for macOS and discuss why its release is important.

Amazon Prime Video for macOS has the right features

Amazon Prime Video for macOS is available in the Apple App Store and includes all of the core features you would expect:

  • Offline viewing

  • AirPlay support

  • Picture-in-picture viewing

At this point, however, specific features are not the most important aspect of the announcement. The exciting news is that a major content provider is finally giving us what we need: a dedicated streaming app for macOS.

Offline viewing is the main reason such apps are useful. Mac laptops are for the most part slim and lightweight, which makes them excellent travel companions. However, accessing cheap and reliable WiFi can be difficult when you're on the go – or in the air. The ability to download a movie or TV series to watch later comes in very handy.


Now that Amazon moved its services to macOS, the company has set a trend that others may have to follow. The Prime Video app for Mac may not have revolutionary features, but that doesn't mean it can't start a revolution.

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So far, major streaming services have neglected macOS, but Amazon has changed that, and the move won't go unnoticed by competition.

Amazon's Prime Video for macOS release is a big deal

Amazon's announcement is one that other streaming services cannot ignore. It will likely start a trend where macOS gets more deserved attention.

The release of Prime Video for Mac puts Amazon's competitors like Netflix and Disney + in the background. It will likely force them to publish their own apps. So sit back, play a series or two, and we'll see who takes the next step.

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