Last year, the built-in messaging app for Mac caught up with its iOS cousin with some much-needed additions like iMessage effects, GIF search, Memoji stickers, and more. This year, macOS Monterey has even more features to enhance your messaging experience on Mac.

If you use your Mac frequently to reply to text messages when you don't have your iPhone, you have every reason to look forward to the next big update.

Here are all of the new features of the Messaging app with macOS Monterey.

1. Shared with you

Shared for you in macOS Monterey

This particular messaging feature, which is focused on sharing, works with several other Apple apps installed on your Mac like Safari, Photos, Apple Music, Apple News, and more. So how exactly does it work you ask?

Usually when you text your friends, they are sharing all kinds of content with you. These can be photos, songs, links to articles on the web, TV shows, and so on. Apple found a way to separate all of this shared content in its apps.

Suppose someone shares a link with you, but you've been too busy to check it out right away. Apple will put this link in a separate "Shared with You" section in the Safari app. And the next time you open Safari, you'll find this link on the home page, which you can view when you're free.

If someone shares a playlist with you, they can also be found in the Listen now section of the Music app. When someone shares a news article, you can find it in the News app as content shared with you. Isn't this feature amazing?

Think about it for a minute. No need to scroll through hundreds of messages or search through attachments to find the content you want. They are all ready for you in their respective apps. The only disadvantage here is that the function is limited to Apple's apps, at least for the time being.

2. Photo collections

Photo collections in news

This is a feature some of you may have always wanted. Currently, if someone shares multiple photos with you, they'll appear one at a time in the Messages app. Each photo takes up a ton of screen space and you have to scroll a lot to see them all.

When you upgrade your Mac to macOS Monterey, the bulk photos you sent or received appear as photo collections. For example, suppose your friend shares 10 pictures with you; They appear on your screen as a single pile that you can easily flip through. And if you want to see them all at once, you can click the stack to open a grid view.

The function works differently for smaller images. Instead of a stack of photos, you will see a collage that can be viewed. This allows you to display a maximum of three images on the same page at the same time.

3. New save button for photos

Save button in messages

Most of the time, you'll want to save the photos you've received in the Messages app. To do this now, you need to first open and then save the images. This can be a hassle when you have multiple photos to save.

Well, Apple is finally removing that unnecessary extra step with the updated Messaging app in macOS Monterey. A new save button will appear next to each picture or collection of photos in the conversation thread. All you need is a single click to add the contents of your iCloud Photo Library.

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More about macOS Monterey than just news

Three new features may not seem like much for a major software update. However, if you look beyond the Messages app, macOS Monterey has a lot of incredible features to offer. FaceTime, for example, is getting a number of improvements this year, with features like portrait mode on video calls, SharePlay, spatial audio, and more.

It doesn't end there. Safari is also being fundamentally revised. A new feature called Universal Control allows you to use your Mac's keyboard and mouse to control your iPad. How cool is that

macOS Monterey

Here's how to install the macOS Monterey Beta on your Mac

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