A-DATA SH93 Rugged Transportable Onerous Drive Evaluation

Regular backups are often overlooked and are one of the most useful tasks to be performed in personal computing. Without the help of a secondary storage device or some sort of remote backup strategy, the chances of recovering data in the event that your computer's hard drive fails completely overnight would be poor at best.

However, users don't just have to worry about hardware failures. There are a number of other unpredictable problems that can arise when they are least expected, such as: B. Theft or even fire.

Depending on your job or hobby, you may only need to back up a small amount of data, or the opposite, and you may have enormous storage requirements. The first group can easily get away with flash memory drives these days. However, if you want to store hundreds of gigabytes of data, an alternative solution is needed.

One of the most typical and convenient options is an external hard drive. Not only are these affordable and easy to use, but you can take them with you after you back them up or keep them in a safe place. You could get a 3.5-inch form factor drive for the lowest possible price. However, if portability is preferred, 2.5-inch drives are the way to go.

These are significantly smaller, lighter, and don't require an external power source – which makes them more practical. They're not much more expensive than 3.5-inch drives, either. For example, you can buy a 2.5-inch portable hard drive with 500GB of storage for just $ 90, while the cheapest we've found for a similar 3.5-inch capacity. Model is $ 70.

Reliability and durability should also be considered. Portable hard drives are just an accidental waste of irretrievable loss. Hence, for someone as persistent as me, spending a little extra on keeping data safe is a breeze. Depending on the use you want to give this drive, this should also be considered.

We've seen OCZ and Corsair flash-based USB sticks survive large drops and submerge or even freeze when the opportunity arose. However, creating a portable hard drive with this sturdiness presents some more challenges as its internal moving parts make it not only heavier but also more fragile.

A-DATA has set itself the task of supplying such a product with its new SH93 line. It is the industry‚Äôs first waterproof and shockproof portable hard drive. The SH93 was developed for street fighters who have to take their storage with them in the harshest of environments. Let's take a closer look …

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