A Big Home windows 10 UI Revamp Is within the Works

The update is codenamed "Sun Valley" and can change the basics of Windows 10.

While Windows 10 has had some major updates over the years, it still looks relatively similar to what it did when it was released. However, Microsoft plans to change this with a planned UI update codenamed "Sun Valley".

The Windows 10 user interface

What do we know about Sun Valley?

The news of this UI update comes from Windows Central, which learned about this development through Microsoft sources.

Sun Valley is currently slated for a major update codenamed "Cobalt". Cobalt is slated to be released around Christmas 2021, so it's still a little way off.

Since Microsoft didn't officially announce this update, we don't have a lot of information about Sun Valley. We only have a few nuggets of information. However, the scraps we have are interesting enough to explore for yourself.

First, the start menu and the action center will be revised. It's likely that both will be updated to look like their Windows 10X counterparts instead.

Next, the file explorer is also edited. This is pretty big as File Explorer has looked the same for years. The system tray is also being redesigned with a brand new code base.

Why is Microsoft revising Windows 10?

Windows 10 doesn't look terrible in and of itself, and much of the code it brought in from older versions of Windows still works pretty well. After all these years of the same user interface, why does Microsoft decide to revamp?

The thing is, Microsoft should have been more active in keeping Windows 10 updated and up to date. However, over the years the company has moved on to other areas and left Windows 10 to defend itself.

However, Microsoft is seeing renewed interest in Windows systems. The company made huge profits during the COVID-19 outbreak due to the remote work relocation. Now the demand for personal laptops and cloud-based services increased.

Microsoft stocks rise

Even if we go the optimistic route and say the pandemic will be a thing of the past in 2021, people will likely continue to use the hardware and services they bought for remote work even if they use them less.

As such, this update can be seen as Microsoft bringing its operating system into the current era. People need Microsoft's services more than ever, so it is only fitting that some of the older components are getting a much-needed paint job.

A brand new face for Windows 10

After Windows 10 was left alone by Microsoft for years, a major update is in the works that revamped the user interface. The question remains, however; What will the new Windows 10 look like?

That doesn't mean Microsoft has completely given up on Windows 10. Finally, a recent Insider Build revealed that Windows 10 will soon have an easy-to-change setting for the refresh rate.

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Someone who plays games

Adjusting the Windows 10 refresh rate is just getting easier

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