7 Typing Apps for Mac Excellent for All Talent Ranges

Typing skills are essential for everyone from children to adults. Whether you have a child who is studying or want to brush up on your own writing skills, there is a tool for you.

But before you invest in a paid app, take a look at these seven free tapping apps for Mac first. While some include in-app purchases, you can use the "Try it Before Buying" option to make sure they suit you before you spend your money.

1. Keyboard Virtuoso Light

For beginners looking for a great way to advance in their skills.

Keyboard Virtuoso starts with the basics, with 20 warm-up exercises you need to do to move on. Then go through each of the lessons and complete them successfully to unlock more. Before you begin each lesson, you'll see a helpful prompt and the number of errors allowed.

You can enjoy the warm-up exercises and the first 10 lessons for free. This gives you a ton of usage before deciding whether to buy the full version.

Download: Keyboard Virtuoso Light (Free, Premium version available)

2. Master of Typing

For those who want detailed statistics on speed and accuracy over time.

Master of Typing is another app that will help you improve your touch input. You start to improve your skills with simple combinations of letters and then work your way up to type difficult words.

With detailed statistics, you can check your speed and accuracy from the start of using the app to the current date. You can also view your averages and bests.

The app offers you several hours of practice for free. You can then check out the Pro version, which has different packages for different skill levels, and which removes the ads.


Download: Master of Typing (Free, Premium Version Available)

3. Typist

For beginners to advanced typists to learn and practice.

The typist app is ideal for every level of ability. You can start learning the letter positions Standard courses, Visit the Input verification, and then move on to a variety of exercises. Each lesson contains several exercises.

The app shows your stats at the very bottom so you can view them when you finish an exercise. Review your strokes per minute, typing speed, margin of error, and total time spent on the exercise. You can also check out the lessons offered for the calculator and Dvorak keyboards.

Download: Typist (free)

4. Animal Typing Lite

For kids who learn to type and love cute animal-themed apps.

Animal Typing Lite is a super cute way for kids to learn to type. The screen is colorful, with animated fingers on a keyboard for your child to follow. The app rewards your little one for accuracy and speed as the right keystrokes help the animals on their way.

With each lesson you start out as a slower animal, like a snail. But if you do well with accuracy and speed, you can deal with a faster creature like a gazelle. The app has four free lessons for your child to try out. You can then buy more with an in-app purchase.

Download: Animal Typing Lite (Free, Premium version available)

5. Finger tap LT

For children who are learning to type, who like funny sounds and colorful themes.

Typing Fingers LT is another great writing teacher for kids, but it works for adults too. You will spend the first four lessons learning the letter positions on the keyboard. The app also has a neat section for correct sitting posture while typing, ergonomic measurements and everything.

Your little one will enjoy the colorful pictures, funny sounds, nifty themes, a cartoon guide and helpful animations. You can try the first few lessons for free before purchasing, and then purchase more with an in-app purchase.

Download: Typing Fingers LT (Free, Premium Version Available)

6. The vehicle typing

For kids who are learning to write and who like cool car-themed apps.

The Vehicles Typing App is another typing app for the Mac that your child might enjoy. As the vehicle moves down the street, type in the letters you see in the balloons to keep the car moving and reach its destination. The balloons with the letters are colored at the top with corresponding instructions as to which keys to press.

The app contains three separate storage locations. So if you have more than one aspiring typist this feature will keep progress separate for each person. As with the other kids' tapping apps, you can try the first few lessons for free and unlock the rest with an in-app purchase.

Find a cool programming app for kids and your child won't have to worry about their typing skills while programming.

Download: The Vehicles Typing (Free, Premium Version Available)

7. Tap to learn

An easy way for experienced typists to test themselves.

Type to Learn is a completely free typing app for Mac, but it is different from other options on this list. It is designed for people who already know how to type so they can quickly test their speed and practice to increase their top speed and accuracy.

You can either drag or paste your own text or you can click the cube icon in the top right to get a random block of text. As you type, you'll get a word per minute count and accuracy percentage. Correctly written text is blue and incorrect text is red.

Of course, if you're new to typing, Type to Learn won't be of much use to you. It doesn't teach you where to put your fingers or anything. But if you know what you are doing, it's a handy tool that is completely free.

Download: Tap to Learn (Free)

Start typing!

Your Mac can be a helpful study tool, especially when it comes to handy apps like this one. Start a new writing adventure with your child, or practice and hone your own writing skills for a new job. Anyway, these typing apps for Mac should get you off to a good start.

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