6 Tremendous Safe Paid Antivirus Apps for Mac in 2020

Don't Believe Everything You Read Online — Mac computers can get viruses. Sure, it might be less of a risk than it would on a Windows computer, but the threat is undoubtedly large enough to require a quality antivirus app.

Mac paid antivirus

There are several free antivirus apps out there. However, if you want to make sure you have the best possible protection, you need a paid app.

Here are the highest paying antivirus apps for macOS in 2020.

Trend Micro has been a leading name in the antivirus world for many years. The company offers a range of solutions for desktop and mobile operating systems.

Two macOS packages are available: Maximum Security for Mac ($ 80 / year) and Antivirus for Mac ($ 50 / year). They have some major differences.

For example, the maximum security plan supports up to five devices, includes Trend Micro's Pay Guard function (for online payments), has a built-in password manager and can protect both desktop and mobile devices.

In contrast, Antivirus for Mac is aimed at people who only want to protect a single macOS computer. Only one device is allowed.

Both plans protect against ransomware, email fraud, and privacy issues on social media.

avast paid comparison

Avast Premium Security offers three plans for Mac users.

The basic package ($ 70 / year) only protects a single macOS computer. The $ 90 / year Premium plan can protect up to 10 devices and enroll PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices.

The top plan – called Ultimate – costs $ 100 per year and adds Avast SecureLine VPN. We do not recommend using this plan. There are better paying VPNs that cost less than the $ 10 difference between the Premium and Ultimate plans.

Seasoned MakeUseOf readers will know that Avast also has a free antivirus plan – but there are some critical differences between the paid and free versions. In particular, the free app does not protect you from ransomware, phishing scams, webcam espionage or online payment threats.

Kaspersky has an overwhelming number of paid antivirus plans, but most Mac users want to choose between Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security.

The Internet Security package includes protection against viruses and ransomware, webcam hacks and online payment threats. It can be installed on both desktop and mobile devices.

When you choose the Total Security plan, you get everything that is included in the cheaper plan, plus a range of tools designed to keep children safe. The tool includes a bad content blocker and a GPS tracker. This package also contains a password manager and backup software.

Perhaps Kaspersky's main selling point, however, is the ability to choose how many devices you want to protect, which means you don't have to pay for the protection you don't use. Internet security starts at $ 35 per year for one device and gradually increases to $ 55 per year for five devices. The total security is between $ 40 / year and $ 60 / year.

Bitdefender pays Mac

Bitdefender's Mac product isn't as comprehensive as the Windows solution, but it's still one of the highest paying antivirus suites for Mac. In addition, it outperforms many of its competitors in AV-TEST's independent antivirus tests, scoring full marks for protection, performance, and usability in the final round of results (June 2020).

We particularly like some of Bitdefender's special Mac features. For example, the company's Time Machine Protection tool adds an extra layer of security to your backups to ensure you don't fall victim to backup-based ransomware issues.

There is also an adware blocker, a browser extension that can be used to assess a website's security on the fly, anti-phishing protection, and even cross-platform virus detection.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is $ 60 per year and can protect up to three Mac computers. IOS mobile devices are not covered.

Airo Mac Antivirus cost

The four paid Mac antivirus apps we've looked at so far are all part of a wider range of products from their respective companies. Airo is different – it's the only company on our list that is solely focused on antivirus for Mac. No products are made for Windows or mobile devices.

Airo's suite, which costs $ 50 a year, includes real-time threat detection and prevention, a secure browsing tool to protect against phishing scams, and support for up to five computers.

And don't worry, just because Airo is a less recognizable name, it still managed to get a perfect score when AV-TEST last tested the suite (at the time of writing) in December 2019.

Norton 360 is available in five different versions. The Standard Plan ($ 80 / year) protects a device from standard web threats. In contrast, the most expensive package (Ultimate Plus, $ 350 / year) lets you register unlimited computers and mobile devices and expand coverage to both your online privacy and identity.

Consider the deluxe plan for the best cost-feature ratio. It costs $ 100 per year and supports up to five Macs and iOS mobile devices.

The package includes dark web monitoring, 50 GB cloud backup storage space, a password manager, parental controls and protection against webcam attacks.

eset mac

Our last entry is ESET Cyber ​​Security for Mac. There are two paid plans for Mac: ESET Cyber ​​Security and ESET Cyber ​​Security Pro.

The basic plan ($ 50 per year) protects you from malware, ransomware, and network hackers on one device. You can add additional devices for $ 10 / year per device.

If you sign up for the ESET Cyber ​​Security Pro plan instead, you will also get protection for your non-macOS devices such as Windows and Linux computers as well as Android smartphones.

One of the best features of ESET Cyber ​​Security is that it does not use any system resources. Antivirus suites are notorious power hogs, but ESET lowers consumption by eliminating pop-ups, scheduling maintenance over night, and offering a battery saver mode.

Which is the Highest Paid Antivirus for Mac?

It's a nearly impossible question to answer. You need to think about the features you want, the number of devices you want to run your antivirus on, and willingness to pay.

If you had to push us, we'd probably go for ESET or Kaspersky, but make sure you do your own research before committing. Keep in mind that almost all paid antivirus programs offer a free trial.

If you want to learn more about Mac security, check out our other articles on the best free antivirus apps for Mac and our analysis of the controversial MacKeeper security tool.

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