6 Lesser-Identified Apps to Improve Your Home windows 10 Expertise

By default, Windows offers a lot of innovative apps and functions that complement the operating system. However, adding some smart apps to Windows can make your job easier, improve your efficiency, and also be fun for you.

Here are six free apps that you may never have heard of, but that can vastly improve your Windows experience. So much so that you may wonder how you got on without it.

The confidentiality and security of your online data are essential for you to feel safe online. Fortunately, you can use all kinds of tools to secure your communications, such as end-to-end encryption.

If you want to add the same levels of security to your files before sending them to friends and co-workers, you can do so with Encrypto. Just put a file or folder in Encrypto, set a password, then send it with increased security. Encrypto offers AES-256 encryption according to military standards, which is practically unbreakable thanks to brute force and is therefore the most robust encryption standard.

Your file will be saved as a .crypto File. While this means that the person you are sending the encrypted file to must also have Encrypto on their PC, but it's well worth it for the added security.

You can also include a unique embedded password hint that only the recipient can decipher. For example, you could set a file's password as the name of a restaurant and the password hint could be "the place where we signed the first deal."

In addition, you can also send files to a friend who uses a Mac as Encrypto works on both Windows and Mac OS.

Download: Encryption (free)

It's surprisingly easy to slowly pile up a hoard of files on your PC without even realizing it. Screenshots, documents, pictures, videos, downloads, whatever; These files lurk on your hard drive long after you download them. Managing them can be a chore, and Windows File Explorer isn't the best tool for the job.

There are several free third-party file explorers available, but our best pick is One Commander. It's a modern and straightforward file manager that offers dual pane browsing, tabs, multi-column navigation, editable themes, and much more.

With One Commander you get a well-planned view of all your drives, files, folders and subfolders. You can organize favorites into groups, switch between multiple tabs to access what you need, and even create a note or to-do item in any folder.

You can toggle dual pane browsing from horizontal to vertical or vice versa. With two browsers open, you can quickly copy and paste files between folders or from your PC to a USB drive.

It also shows file creation dates next to each file with colored tags based on how old or new the file is. And to preview the file, all you have to do is press place.

There's a lot more you can do, and the user interface can be overwhelming at first. But you will see its convenience as you use it more.

A pro version is available for commercial use, but the free (no commercials) version will be fine for most people.

Download: One Commander (Free, In-App Purchases Available)

An additional display for your PC can increase your productivity. For example, you can have a Zoom meeting on one monitor while reviewing project notes on the other. Or even learn from a YouTube video while practicing steps on the other screen.

You don't have to invest in a second monitor, however. With the Deskreen app, you can do this almost for free! Deskreen turns any device with a web browser into a second screen for your computer over Wi-Fi or LAN. So you can turn any old laptop, tablet or even your smartphone into an additional display.

You only need to ensure two things for Deskreen to work:

  1. Both devices must be connected via the same WLAN

  2. You'll need to plug in a dummy HDMI plug or display port plug (affordable and available online) to make your computer think an external display is connected.

You can share your desktop screen with another device by simply scanning the Deskreen QR code with your device's camera or by accessing a special URL. This connection only exists between the devices in your WLAN and uses end-to-end encryption.

If you don't have a dummy display connector, Deskreen will still share your desktop screen with another device. You can also only use one application, e.g. B. Share a presentation on the larger display of a smart TV to create a bigger impact. And you can also share your screen with multiple devices at the same time.

There is also a flip-screen mode. So if you are a video blogger, you can use a tablet as a teleprompter.

Deskreen would be a smart choice if you are looking for an inexpensive dual screen setup or if you only need two screens for a short period of time.

Download: Desk (free of charge)

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The only device that will get you through the day is your laptop. Hence, it is important to know that it is not giving up on you, especially during a presentation or video call to close a deal. The Battery Percentage Icon App helps you to charge your PC in good time.

On Windows 10, you usually have to hover your mouse over the battery icon to check the remaining battery. However, the battery percentage icon app will show you the battery percentage right on the lower taskbar so you can check it at a glance.

Plus, you can check battery health and status with one click, compare full charge capacity, remaining charge capacity and more. You will also be notified when the battery becomes critical, low, high, or full. And you can also adjust the percent text colors and font to your liking!

Download: Battery Percentage Icon (Free)

Finding apps on your PC can be irritating, especially if you meet a deadline. But with Ueli it will be quick and easy.

Ueli is a keyboard launcher for Windows that you can use to search for apps and browser bookmarks, do simple calculations, and much more.

To press Alt + space bar calls up the sleek, black Ueli search bar. Here you can enter the partial or full name of an app, view all possible matches, and launch the correct one. It works much like an operating system search, but you will find that it is much faster.

Ueli includes a number of plug-ins that will save you valuable time and effort. For example, you can convert currencies, execute system commands and even write emails by entering your email address.

In addition, "Everything" allows you to install one of the fastest search tools for Windows to find files and folders instantly with Ueli.

Download: Ueli (free)

Here is a fantastic app to make your Windows experience fun and exciting. Snapchat's Snap Camera brings the fun of using thousands of Snapchat lenses right to your desktop.

Snap Camera syncs with your webcam and works with some of your favorite live streaming and video chat apps. You could be an alien on a Google Meet chat, lighten the mood as a cartoon in Zoom meetings, or be a math geek teaching in Microsoft Teams.

Snap Camera has custom integration with Twitch so you can easily add and swap lenses while streaming your gameplay.

And if you're a YouTuber who reviews cool gadgets, you can record the video with a futuristic lens to set the mood for your subscribers.

All snap camera lenses can also be used and shared in Snapchat. And you can even assign hotkeys to your favorite lenses for quick activation while streaming.

Download: Snap camera (free)

Enjoy a smarter and more exciting Windows experience

While not very well known, these six smart apps can help you work smarter, faster, and more securely. And have fun on your Windows PC too! So we hope you enjoy exploring and using it as you add other cool apps to maximize your Windows experience.

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