Microsoft Teams is used by 145 million active users every day, and there's a good chance you are one of them. From voice and video calls to chats and meetings, Microsoft Teams can do a lot of things for you.

Still, did you know that there are some secrets in teams that you may not know? We have sorted all of the teams' menus and settings and put six of them together for you below.

Meet in a meeting using Microsoft Whiteboard

A great thing about physical office meetings is that you can gather around a whiteboard and write down your thoughts. This often improves critical thinking and helps with retention. However, did you know that you can also do this virtually through Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has a built-in feature called Microsoft Whiteboard. Every time you join a team meeting you will find that it has its own whiteboard area. In this room you and other participants have space to sketch ideas together. The whiteboard will also be available for sharing in the whiteboard applications on Windows 10, iOS, and the web.

You can access a whiteboard in a team meeting by clicking the share icon in that meeting's share bar. Then, under the Whiteboard section, select Microsoft Whiteboard. You and your employees can ink and type together. To add ink, click the pencil icon, choose a color, and start drawing, sketching, or writing on the blackboard. To add text, click the Note or Text icons and start typing.

When the meeting ends, you can view the whiteboard by clicking in the chat for that meeting and then selecting the Whiteboard tab.

Use shortcuts and commands

Just like Microsoft Word, Windows 10, and other programs, Microsoft Teams has its own list of keyboard shortcuts. By avoiding dragging and clicking through menus, these shortcuts and commands can save you time in meetings and chats.

In fact, there are many shortcuts and commands in Microsoft Teams. The following table covers some of these Windows 10 shortcuts. You can always see all keyboard shortcuts by clicking Ctrl + Period (.) On Windows 10 or Command + Period (.) On MacOS.

task Desktop app shortcut
Answer a video call Ctrl + Shift + A.
Accept audio call Ctrl + Shift + S.
Reject the call Ctrl + Shift + D.
Start audio call Ctrl + Shift + C.
Start video call Ctrl + Shift + U.
Toggle mute Ctrl + Shift + M.
Switch video Ctrl + Shift + O.
Toggle full screen Ctrl + Shift + F.
Go to the sharing toolbar Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar

While the majority of these shortcuts are designed for the Team desktop app, you can also try them out on the web versions of the app. Microsoft explains how the links work on its own support page.

Bookmarks for quick access

Got an important message from your boss? Or did someone send you a message that you really enjoy? Just like bookmarking web pages, you can bookmark team messages for quick access.

To bookmark a message in Teams, all you have to do is hover over the message, then click Save This Message. Then click on your profile icon in the team app and select Saved. All of your saved messages should then be displayed in a list. Clicking on it will take you back to where this message was sent.

Collaborate directly in teams on Office documents

If your boss or coworker sends you a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file in a chat, you can collaborate on that file right in Microsoft Teams. By collaboration, we mean the possibility of exchanging comments and the like – without having to open the dedicated app on your computer.

In Teams, a file library appears as a tab at the top of the channel in each channel. When you click the Files tab, you will see all of the files shared with you or by you. You can click the files to open them or click the New button and then select the document type. Anyone can access uploaded files.

Once you've found or uploaded a file, you can edit it using your colleague's simulations. You can both open and edit the file from the Files tab. Changes are shown in real time. If you select the Conversation or Start Conversation tab during this time, you can have a conversation with your colleague at the side of the document.

Attend meetings on mobile devices and on the desktop

Ever start a meeting on your desktop or laptop, but suddenly need to hold the meeting while you are on the go? You might think this means ending the meeting and coming back to it later, but you are wrong. Teams has a feature that allows you to continue your meeting.

This is known as the transfer function and it works as the name suggests. If you start a meeting on the desktop, you can transfer it to the iOS or Android version of Teams by simply opening the app there. You should then see a message at the top of the team app. It will appear In Progress along with the name of the meeting.

You want to click the Join button to join this meeting on your phone. You can then select Add this device to act as a webcam or for audio while your desktop stays in the meeting. You can also select Broadcast to this device to broadcast everything and end the meeting on the desktop.

To do the opposite and join a meeting on your desktop that started on your phone, all you have to do is click the purple Connect button that appears in the banner at the top of the app and follow the same instructions mentioned above.

Customize your view during a team meeting

Microsoft Teams is usually smart enough to anticipate what you might want to see in a meeting. When someone speaks, they are usually highlighted. However, if you'd rather see something different, Teams has your back in several ways. You can switch between people and content, pin a video, or redesign a video.

First, there is the ability to switch between people and content. When someone is presenting and the screen is the focus, you can switch to someone else in the meeting by clicking on the video feed of the person you are interested in. This will highlight that person instead of the presentation for you.

Associated with this is pinning a video. If you'd rather pin someone and focus on them throughout the meeting, all you have to do is right-click the video feed and then select Pin. That person's video will then be pinned for you throughout the meeting. You can break the connection at any time by right-clicking.

Finally, videos are redesigned. Sometimes teams crop someone's video to make it fit better on your screen. If you want to see the full frame of the person, just right-click and choose Fit to Frame.

This is just a look at six things you didn't know you could do in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has a full list of tips and tricks on their website. So check it out if you're looking for more team adventures!

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