6 Fast Methods to Repair the Home windows 10 File Explorer Darkish Theme When It Breaks

Restore the dark theme and rest your eyes one more time.

Microsoft first introduced the dark theme of File Explorer in the Windows update from October 10, 2018. It was good news for anyone who works late.

If you've turned on File Explorer's dark mode to reduce eye strain, or just because you think it looks better, it is definitely inconvenient when it stops working.

Read on for a list of fixes that will make the Windows 10 dark theme work again so you can enjoy your preferred design while reducing eye strain.

Why Windows 10 Dark Mode has stopped working

There are many reasons why the dark theme might stop working, but errors or glitches caused by an older Windows 10 version or outdated apps are the main causes.

This means you may need to update Windows 10. However, if you don't have the time or are unsure how to update your version of Windows 10, you can try one of the faster solutions mentioned in this article.

1. Turn it off and on again

This method might be enough to fix File Explorer's dark mode. This is how it works:

  1. Right click on the start menu.

  2. click the settings.

  3. Of the the settings Menu, click personalization.

  4. Choose Colours Menu.

  5. Below Choose your standard Windows mode choose Light.

  6. Restart your PC / laptop.

  7. Follow the steps again and continue Step 5, choose dark.

2. Restart Windows Explorer

Small system errors can cause the Windows 10 dark theme to stop working. If so, here's how you can fix it:

  1. to open Task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

  2. Choose Windows Explorer.

  3. click Start anew.

After restarting Windows Explorer, enable dark mode again.

3. Sign out and back into your account

If the dark theme of File Explorer has stopped working due to a system glitch, here is a solution you can try.

  1. Open the start menu.

  2. Right-click your profile icon.

  3. Choose Log out.

  4. Sign in again with your credentials.

  5. Go to the settings and turn dark mode back on.

If this doesn't fix Dark Mode, a corrupted user account may be the cause of your problem. To fix this you need to create a new user account.

4. Switch back to the Windows 10 default theme

Windows 10 is great for customization options. However, this can also cause File Explorer dark mode to stop working. Here's how you can revert to the default Windows 10 theme:

  1. Right click begin.

  2. click the settings.

  3. Choose personalization.

  4. Open that subjects Menu

  5. Choose from the available themes Windows.

5. Remove customization apps

There are many third-party apps that can be used to apply themes to Windows 10 or change the colors of the folder icons. While these apps allow you to create a user interface to suit your preferences, they can prevent File Explorer from rendering dark mode properly.

If you have any customization apps installed, disable or remove them to avoid future problems. Maybe you installed a customization app a long time ago and forgot about it and encountered a problem.

You can access the full list of apps installed on your device and find out what is causing the problem. Search for in the Start menu search bar Apps & functions and choose the best match. Look for old customization tools and remove them.

6. Look for any damaged files

File Explorer dark mode may not load or render appropriately due to a damaged file. In this case, you should run a System File Checker scan. The scan takes no more than 20 minutes and is a simple process.

  1. By doing begin Menu search bar, search for command prompt. Right click on Best hit and select Execute as administrator.

  2. In the Command Prompt window, type the following sfc / scannow.

  3. Press Enter.

The system file checker command finds and replaces damaged files. When you received it Windows Resource Protection found damaged files and successfully repaired themthe scan was successful.

You can now close the Command Prompt window and restart your device. If the problem was a corrupted file, File Explorer dark mode should work properly.

Bring Dark Mode back to working

There's no need to stop using your multi-monitor setup or adjust your monitor brightness to reduce eye strain as the Windows 10 dark theme no longer works. It usually only takes a few minutes to fix Dark Mode, and the tips in this article will walk you through how to do it.

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