10 Hidden Modes in Home windows and Learn how to Use Them

Did you know that Windows has many additional modes that add functionality, help you troubleshoot, or improve performance for certain tasks? Some of them are hidden, while you may have heard of others but have never tried them yourself.

Let's look at some of the hidden modes in Windows, including what they offer and how to access them.

1. God mode

God mode has a commanding name, but is less an actual "mode" than a collection of links. It groups each control panel option and several commands that are not easily accessible in the control panel into a list.

It's easy to set up. Just right-click on your desktop (or somewhere else) and choose New> folder. When prompted to name it, enter the following:

GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

If you want, you can change them GodMode Text to another name of your choice. As soon as you hit Enter To save the name, the folder icon is changed to a control panel icon.

You probably won't always use this, but it's nice to have so many commands available in one place.

2. Safe mode

You've probably heard of Safe Mode when you had to troubleshoot Windows. In this mode, Windows is only loaded with the drivers and programs required for booting and nothing else. This way, you can rule out a third-party driver or an incorrectly configured setting that is causing your problem.

Follow our guide to booting in safe mode on Windows 10

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to learn how it works.

3. Game mode

Windows 10 offers more game features than any other version before. In fact, there is an entire control panel for game functions in the Settings app. One of them is the game mode, which optimizes your system for better performance in games.

To find it, go to Settings> Games> Game mode. It's just a simple toggle with the title Game mode;; If you turn it over, Windows will optimize your PC for gaming.

The Microsoft support page states that Windows Update will not install drivers and notify you of reboots. It also helps "achieve a more stable frame rate depending on the specific game and system", which is rather vague. We put the game mode to the test

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if you want to learn more.

4. Battery saving mode

If you have a laptop, you are probably afraid that the battery will discharge at a critical moment. To avoid these situations, Windows 10 has a power saving mode.

This disables power-hungry tasks like syncing emails and updating the background app. The function also lowers your brightness, which is an important way to save battery.

To change the battery saver options, go to Settings> System> Battery. Check the Turn battery saver on automatically when my battery falls below it and set a percentage. If you want, you can also activate Battery saving mode until the next charge to turn it on immediately.

Press to switch battery saving mode faster in the future Win + A. Open the Action Center and use the shortcut in the group of icons at the bottom of the screen.

We took a closer look at battery saving mode

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if you're curious about how well it works.

5. Dark mode

Windows 10 Dark Mode

Most operating systems now have a native dark mode, and Windows 10 is no exception. When activated, most standard store apps as well as Windows elements such as the Settings app and File Explorer go dark.

To use dark mode, go to Settings> Personalization> Colors and select dark under Choose your color. If you want, you can also choose Custom to set different modes for Windows elements and apps.

If that's not enough for you, check out the best dark Windows 10 designs

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6. Compatibility mode

Windows generally works well with backward compatibility, but especially old software that has never been updated for modern versions of Windows may not run properly. For this reason, the operating system contains a compatibility mode, which can be used to run old programs under current versions of Windows

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, even if they are not officially supported.

This has been around for some time, even in Windows 10. To use the compatibility mode, you have to right-click on the executable file of a program and select it properties. From there, go to compatibility You can run it in a mode designed for older versions of Windows. In this section you can also switch other compatibility options, e.g. B. Forcing a low resolution.

Premier Manager 98 compatibility properties

7. Airplane mode

Another simple but useful mode, airplane mode, works just like it does on your smartphone. Enabling this mode cuts off all wireless communication, so your computer is not using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, and the like.

While this is of course useful when a Windows laptop or tablet is on the plane, it is also useful as an energy saving option. If you're working offline and want to extend your device's battery life, enabling Airplane Mode can be helpful.

You can find it at Settings> Network & Internet> Airplane modeHowever, it is more convenient to use the control panel in the Action Center. Press Win + A. or click the icon at the bottom right of your taskbar to display it.

Windows 10 airplane mode

8. Tablet mode

If you are using Windows 10 on a tablet or laptop, you should know tablet mode. This makes it easier to use the user interface on a touchscreen device when the mouse and keyboard are not connected. For example, all apps open in full-screen mode, and some items have more padding to select with your fingers.

Visit to change the options Settings> System> Tablet mode. Here you can choose which mode to use at startup, whether Windows should switch modes without asking you, and some taskbar options that affect tablet mode.

Windows 10 tablet mode options

9. Focus mode

This function is called focus support and not focus mode. However, we include it because it works like a unique mode. With focus support, you can suppress notifications to avoid distractions while you work.

To configure it, go to Settings> System> Focus Aid. There you can choose from out, Priority only, or Alarms only. click Customize your list of priorities to choose what is displayed in this mode.

Windows 10 focus assistant

You can change below if focus support is automatically activated. This includes at certain times, when duplicating your ad (like a presentation) or when playing a game.

For more information, see our guide to Windows 10 focus support

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for more help.

10. S mode

Here's a mode you probably don't want to use, but it may have occurred. Some Windows computers have Windows 10 in S mode, which is more locked than a standard installation of Windows. The S mode only allows app installations from the Microsoft Store and prevents you from using all browsers except Microsoft Edge.

Because it's so restrictive, chances are you don't want to use it. Thankfully, if you accidentally bought an S mode PC, you can just leave it.

Go to Settings> Update & Security> Activation. Press the Go to the store Link under the Switch to Windows 10 Home / Pro Section.

This will open a Microsoft Store page with the title Turn off S mode. click Receive and confirm your choice to exit S mode. This is a one-way process, so you can't go back to S mode later.

Try all Windows modes for more features

While this isn't a complete collection of the modes offered in Windows, it does give you an idea of ​​what's available. Keep these modes in mind and hopefully they will come in handy at the right time.

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