The Microsoft Floor Neo Has Been Delayed

Microsoft was busy planning new entries for its Surface range, including Surface Duo and Neo. Unfortunately for fans of the Microsoft Surface Neo, the approximate release date has been tacitly removed from the Microsoft website.


We can make an educated guess as to why the Surface Neo has been delayed. However, Microsoft has not officially confirmed anything at the time of writing.

When did the Microsoft Surface Neo release date disappear?

Microsoft has not made an official announcement about the possible delay on any of its channels. However, the company has edited the Surface Neo product page. If you use The Wayback Machine to view the page from July 28th, you will notice that the first paragraph ends with "Coming Holiday 2020".

However, if you now visit the Surface Neo product page, the date has disappeared.

The Microsoft Surface Neo product page after the delay

While this is not a direct confirmation from Microsoft, it is safe to assume that the Surface Neo will not come out once Microsoft has hoped.

Why was the Microsoft Surface Neo delayed?

Since there was no official announcement from Microsoft regarding this delay, we have no confirmation as to why this happened. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic is expected to cause problems.

Technology manufacturers rely on China as one of the world's leading electronics exporters. Unfortunately, China was at the epicenter of the pandemic, causing delays for many of these companies. Therefore, there is a good chance that Microsoft has not received all of the components that are required to complete the release window of the Surface Neo.

However, it is important to note that this setback only affects the Surface Neo. Microsoft's other future entry in the series, the Surface Duo, has experienced no delays.

Windows Central reported a tweet that set the Surface Duo release date to August 24, 2020. If this turns out to be a rumor, you can instead rely on Microsoft's Surface Duo product page, which references "Vacation 2020".

Prepare for new Microsoft Surface devices

While the Surface Duo has reportedly escaped delays, the Neo hasn't been so lucky. That means you have to wait a little longer for a Surface Neo.

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