The Greatest Mac Video games (July 2020)

Apple products are popular with photographers, producers, and creatives, but gamers aren't among the many groups associated with Macs. Despite this, Macs can still perform impressively than comparable standard PCs, despite lower specifications (Fortnite could easily run on a variety of Apple computers). There is also no shortage of excellent games that support MacOS. This guide introduces the best Mac games you can currently buy.

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Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is not just one of the best PC games, but one of the best games ever made. Fortunately, it's available on MacOS. You play as an alcohol and drug addict detective who wakes up in a ruined motel room and doesn't remember how he got there. The guy hanging on the back of a tree doesn't make the situation any easier either. As you play the game, you will go your own way, investigate the murder as you see fit, while defining your identity.

Disco Elysium is a game about choice. You can approach each encounter as you like. You may want to knock the sarcastically condescending motel employee down or persuade him to unlock the back door. Regardless of how you approach each situation, Disco Elysium will distort the game world by the decisions you make and create a unique and unforgettable experience for each playthrough.

What about golf?

Available as part of the Apple Arcade subscription service or the Epic Games Store, What the Golf? is not your normal attitude to the sport that could even lull a puppy containing caffeine to sleep. Each course is essentially a different version of golf, from levels that look like classic arcade games to physics-based puzzles. His beautiful art style fits perfectly with his disrespectful sense of humor, and there is always a kind of surprise waiting for you.

The best thing is that there are even boss fights – yes, in a golf video game. You are not limited to playing standard balls. So if you feel like swapping them for a car or an entire house, this is an option. You can even start yourself, which is either a strange metaphor for an existential crisis or just a stupid idea that developer Triband came up with spontaneously. In any case, it's funny.

Stardew Valley

After years of disappointment with the Harvest Moon series, which he once loved so much, first-time developer Eric Barone, aka "ConcernedApe," decided to create his own version of the agricultural simulation game. It came complete with beautiful retro-inspired sprites, charming characters, marriage, fighting and lots of support after the start.

ConcernedApe promised online multiplayer when the game was originally introduced to fans. The feature arrived on PC earlier this year and will soon be available on the Nintendo Switch. In co-op mode, up to three additional players can come to you as farm workers to help run your farm. You can also play through the story and get married in your game.

Stardew Valley is more than just an agricultural simulator. It's also an RPG in which characters level up in areas such as fishing and mining, customize their professions, unlock new areas and explore a dangerous cave full of monsters and artifacts – as in the Animal Crossing games, you can then donate them to the local museum , but if you want to focus your personal property instead, you can fully customize your home and surrounding farm to create a rural paradise.

Katana Zero

Best indie games on Switch

What would happen if you combined the precision of Mark of the Ninja, the violence of the Miami hotline and the storytelling of Second Sight and put it all in a cyberpunk wrapper from the 90s? You end up with Katana Zero, one of the most amazing concepts we've seen from a developer – indie or otherwise – for years.

The game's cryptic, unraveled narrative takes place a few years after the end of a war that left New Mecca on the verge of collapse. It is an assassin who has the task of eliminating targets on the instructions of his psychiatrist. Only after he has already performed a body count does he begin to discover the conspiracy at the center of his work.

Katana Zero is a 2D one-hit action game where you have to repeat levels several times (in the game you actually have a premonition of possible results) to find a way to eliminate all of the targets without being hit. What begins as a simple power fantasy evolves into a challenging and cerebral game that borders on a riddle and tests your problem-solving skills as well as your reflexes.

Starcraft II: Wing of Freedom

Starcraft became a global phenomenon after its release in 1998, and the sequel to Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty continued the tradition in 2010. It has played so much in South Korea that many have declared it to be the country's national sport. That's high praise for Blizzard's real-time strategy epic, though the company deserves it all.

You can control three different factions in the game: Terran, Zerg and Protoss. Although you take command of the Terran in the main storyline of Wings of Liberty, you can play as one of the three factions in multiplayer.

You want to play Starcraft II if you are successful in micromanagement and juggling with many different tasks. A close eye on your resources, your available units and the location of your enemies is the key to a chance to fight in every game. If you just blink at the wrong time, thousands of zerglings will bring your base to the ground. For those who have hurried through Wings, two critically acclaimed extensions have since been released – Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void.

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Portal 2

Portal 2 brings players back to Aperture Science in this first-person addictive puzzle game. You play as the protagonist Chell when she tries to break out of the huge aperture research facility and claim her freedom. You have to work through different rooms with unique puzzles and are armed only with the legendary portal weapon. In addition to time and space, you will use different environments and objects to get through the facility.

Portal 2 has expanded its predecessor's formula for success and added a deep storyline. Stephen Merchant and J.K. Simmon's voice of recurring characters and her work in the game is just right. Though the plot deals with a serious conflict, the game is full of well-timed comedies at every turn. Portal 2 is one of the most unique gaming experiences and one of the funniest.

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Sid Meier's Civilization VI

After a somewhat lukewarm fan reception for the previous game in the series – Civilization: Beyond Earth – developer Firaxis returned with full force. Civilization VI builds on what made Civilization V 2010 great, but offers more robust culture and science trees, more dynamic decisions, and more insight into why the world's leading politicians act in a certain way. It is the culmination of years of development and experience in building previous Civilization games.

Since its inception, Civilization VI has received a significant number of civilizations to be controlled, including the Aztecs, Persians, Nubians, and Australians. They are each led by a famous historical figure like Montezuma for the Aztecs. With new content released every few months, former players have plenty of reasons to return and start a new game.

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Hearth stone

Blizzard's multiplayer card game Hearthstone has been blown up on mobile, but it also fits perfectly on the larger screen of your Mac. With simple, easy-to-learn game mechanics and fast playing time, you can easily fight multiple battles in one session. The game's excellent matchmaking system helps you pair up with similarly experienced players, making each match tight and intense.

It helps Hearthstone draw from Blizzard's best-known property, Warcraft, with many of its most famous characters and abilities becoming playable cards. If you've always wanted to send a Murloc army to your opponent that would wear you out weakly round after round before finally winning, there's no better game than Hearthstone.

Kill the tower

Why develop a villainous game or a deck building strategy game when you could put the two together to do something even better? Kill the tower by climbing the title tower, which changes in a classic, villainous manner with each run. The cards you collect when you try to finish it result in better decks and a better chance of an overall win. Currently, the game contains more than 250 cards and 150 items, as well as a custom mode option and special relics to further improve your deck.

It helps that the game mechanics in Slay the Spire don't have to do all the heavy lifting – the game is a real eye-catcher with appealing animations for every attack and a beautiful art style that is reminiscent of classic cartoons from the 70s and 80s. Despite such a novel concept, it feels familiar in the right way.

Went home

Gone Home is one of those rare games that puts the player in an environment and makes them easy to explore. You play as a student returning home from a year abroad, and when you arrive at your family's home, no one is at home. It is up to you to search the house for clues as to where your family went and what you did.

Gone Home has a slow but unbelievable story that is accentuated by its intense atmosphere. It challenges players to explore and reveal the secrets of a large empty house with a dark and sad story. With its unique play style, Gone Home lets you stick to your computer from start to finish.

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There is no denying that Minecraft has been very popular since the release of the base version in 2009. With just two hands at the start of the game, you have absolute freedom over a huge, random card.

You first look for dirt and before you know it you are deep under the floor looking for diamonds and gold. Take care, because several enemies like zombies or creepers want to devastate your character and even blow up your landscapes.

With Minecraft, you can build towering skyscrapers and mine shafts in labyrinth style in just a few minutes. The pixelated 8-bit graphics can reject some people, although the gameplay is enough to please all players.

Kerbal space program

The Kerbal Space Program offers a strange combination of elements. Despite the comic graphics and the silly, minion-like creatures that populate the game, KSP is no joke. The flight simulation has never been so deep, so addicting or addictive, and Kerbal offers both the casual gamer and the serious physicist a playground by reconciling serious rocket building considerations – how many Kerbals have to die before they finally reach the moon ? – With forgiving gameplay that allows endless experimentation.

The title also runs smoothly on almost any computer as it looks simple and benefits from a pleasant sense of progress. You can spend countless hours learning how to build a rocket that can reach the moon, but only to realize that the lunar boundary is hardly the last. With an incredible repeat value, KSP is one of the few games that are both educational and entertaining.

Fire clock

Overall, the settings for video games are remarkably similar and tend to focus on battlefields and conflict areas where people compete against each other. Developer Campo Santo was not satisfied with exploring the same old environments, and developed a game in the dense Wyoming wilderness in the late 1980s.

As a new fire guard, protagonist Henry believes his job will be boring and banal, but things are not what they appear to be. Henry's new job is anything but boring, from watching the world burn from his tower to scary wilderness discoveries.

What sets Firewatch apart from other “Walk and Talk” games is its beautiful art style, which combines realistic character proportions with slightly chunky functions and bright colors. It is instantly recognizable and even if Campo Santo chooses a drastically different project in the future, we hope the pictures stay here.

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League of Legends and Dota 2

best play free Mac League of Legends

Riot Games' League of Legends is nothing short of a global phenomenon in which millions of players compete online each day as they develop strategies with specific champions and coordinate with their teams. With relatively low system requirements, the game is fully playable Mac. It's also completely free to play when you're ready to stick with some champions first. So it doesn't hurt to test the water to see if the game is right for you.

For gamers interested in some hardcore, Dota 2 has you covered. His predecessor started his life as a mod for Warcraft III, but the sequel has its own following of dedicated MOBA players who play almost nothing else. Be warned that if you fall into the rabbit hole, the game will take up most of your free time.


There's no denying it: the art style is what Cuphead sells. A relapse into the 1930s cartoons is a natural combination for a tricky platformer, and although it took developer Studio MDHR a lot of time to get the right look, Cuphead finally released. However, after the retro animations, it's a damn good game.

With unique bosses, extremely tight mechanics and a lot of content, Cuphead keeps the gameplay that its graphics promise. Now is the perfect time to install Cuphead on your Mac too. The game's first DLC pack, The Delicious Last Course, is slated to be released this year.

The witness

Jonathan Blow, the mastermind behind the acclaimed indie game Braid, took the time to develop the sequel to The Witness, but it was worth the wait. Along with a unique, beautiful world full of increasingly difficult puzzles and philosophical considerations, it is a game that only someone as imaginative as Blow can ever create and that builds on previous adventure classics like Myst and Riven.

Unlike these games, The Witness puzzles rarely feel dull, forcing players to rely on previously learned tactics to complete the island's dashboards. It requires a keen eye and a lot of exploration, but the game never tries to frustrate you just to make it appear more challenging or difficult.

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Diablo III

Blizzard has made a fortune developing addictive computer games, and Diablo III is no different. Although the Diablo II loyalists had to wait 12 years for a sequel, they did not disappoint in the debut. Since its launch, Blizzard has been determined to listen to its users and update the game accordingly.

With a small learning curve – although difficult to master – Diablo III will not alienate newcomers to the series. Hack and cut your way through the land of the sanctuary as you ward off various demonic hordes and enhance your character. Diablo III is a dungeon that creeps at its finest, but never repeats itself with its deep class and loot system. It is not far fetching to spend a whole weekend in this game and feel like you have just started playing.

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The older one scrolls online

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the greatest games available today, and not like Fortnite. The breadth of the available content, even in the basic version, is breathtaking. Deleting the base game card takes hundreds of hours, plus another 30-50 hours per expansion. With the recently released Greymoor expansion, you can also visit one of the Elder Scrolls' most iconic locations: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls Online is all about scaling. You can spend your time joining dozens of others to defeat a dragon, take on Dark Brotherhood assassination contracts, or just hang out in marketplaces and trade commodities with players who have insanely high craftsmanship. The game is usually available for less than $ 10. There is also no subscription fee. This leads to a feeling of openness where you only hold back how long you want to spend in the game.

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Night in the forest

The premise of Night in the Woods is damn depressing – after leaving school, the protagonist Mae Borowski returns to her hometown to resume her aimless past life. However, when she arrives, she realizes that the city has changed: her friends are not the same people she remembers, and the city holds a mysterious secret.

A wonderful storybook artwork by Night in the Woods creates a unique look for its distinctive characters and surroundings. With a supporting cast that is composed of real people – even if they are literally animals – Night in the Woods shows how the most exciting stories do not have to be told with photo-realistic images.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale is currently the largest game in the world for a reason. The free-to-play shooter combines tense shootouts with the building mechanics of the main game, creating something that's easy to learn but incredibly difficult to master. With faster battles than rivals like PlayerUnknown's battlefields, he manages to scratch another itch, and you can easily sink hours into it in a single session.

The best part? You can't just play with other Mac users. Fortnite is cross-play compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and even iOS devices. Since your account is delivered to you across platforms, you can even play on your phone before you get home and start playing on your Mac instead.

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The Banner Saga 3

The conclusion of one of the best tactical RPG series ever, The Banner Saga 3, is downright epic. It builds on the decision-oriented history of its predecessors, with the decisions made in the two previous entries transferring and influencing the last chapter. This is a game you'll want to play after you've already played the first two games on Mac.

The fight has also been improved this time with a new "wave" system, and there are additional options for upgrading your heroes. What hasn't changed is the beautiful animation style that goes back to the work of Disney and Don Bluth in the 70s and 80s. A lot of time and care has been clearly put into the characters and the world, and that is always appreciated.

Dead cells

As indie games are becoming more and more popular not only on Macs but also on this generation of consoles, we've seen a lot of "rogue-lite" games that focus on procedurally generated words and a difficult, run-based gameplay loop. It is a testament to the quality of Dead Cells that despite being released in a sea of ​​similar games, it manages to stand out from the crowd. The beautiful pixel-based artwork offers a modern take on the design that became famous in the late 80s and 90s, and the number of customization options you can use to create your perfect run is enormous.

Although Dead Cells is a very difficult game that matches its genre, it's not frustrating because the fight is so well worked out. There are four different bosses to fight against, and the fluid system feels wonderful against even the smallest of enemies. Fans of Metroid-style games will also find plenty of options to traverse.

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered

Stealth games are often the first to use groundbreaking new visual technologies. However, you don't need ridiculously detailed characters and environments to create a rewarding stealth experience. Klei's Mark of the Ninja is proof of this because his 2D perspective and comic graphics on Saturday mornings are a perfect match for simple and satisfactory sneaking. With a few different tools and the ability to quickly jump around environments so as not to be spotted by security, you really feel like a ninja, and your relative fragility promotes moving around or behind enemies rather than trying to head them on to take.

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered gives the original game a visual makeover and swaps the 720p resolution for 4K. The assets have been redesigned to look great on your screen. It is available as a $ 5 upgrade if you have the original version. Once you've hit the main story, you can try New Game Plus mode and try to uncover the game's many secrets. Mark of the Ninja is not a simple stealth game, but it has an appropriate challenge. It is an absolute joy to play, and Klei's light-hearted aesthetic serves as a beautiful foil for the often violent events that you will experience with it during your time.

Into the breach

In the Breach Review

Few games are better than turn-based strategies for mouse and keyboard players, and Into the Breach is among the best the genre has ever seen. The small, simple environments you have to defend against monsters don't look like much at first glance, but Subset Games will soon show that the title is a tense back and forth between the aggressive enemies and your own 'Mech fighters. In most cases, you will not be able to kill all of your enemies. Instead, you need to think on your feet to protect your buildings before the timer runs out and refold the traditional turn-based fighting game loop.

Similar to Subset & # 39; s previous game – the excellent and difficult FTL: Faster than Light – Into the Breach uses a pixel art style. However, it avoids feeling like a simple retro nostalgia trip, and instead offers clean, colorful, and detailed sprites that go well with science fiction history. It's a game that will look as good in 50 years as it does now, provided giant monsters don't really storm out of the ocean and destroy humanity – or that the later versions of MacOS no longer support it. At just $ 15 and even less during sales, this is an absolute bargain.

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Visuals can usually only get one game, but in the case of Gris, they could basically carry the most mundane game without the players complaining. A beautiful hand-drawn art style accompanies an emotional story that is interrupted by the platform and puzzle solution, but Gris isn't meant to be an extremely challenging glove like Ori and the Blind Forest or even Inside.

With visual storytelling in the environment instead of traditional text-based dialogue options and a simple control scheme, Gris can be enjoyed by just about anyone, and his art is great enough to justify, pause for a few moments, and just absorb everything. The only thing If you don't want to stay in the same place forever, you want to know what's in front of you.

Total war: three kingdoms

The Total War franchise has long been a leader in turn-based strategies, and the series went to ancient China to tell an epic story about combat and war in Total War: Three Kingdoms. The game takes place in 190 and contains 12 different warlords from the classic Chinese epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The gameplay is based on a relationship system that recognizes the heroes who shaped classic Chinese literature. Your story can change based on your characters' relationships with each other and the allies they gain or lose along the way.

In classic 4X strategy, you can win with a variety of factors, including military power and economy, and you have to choose every decision carefully if you want to save your people. You can only unite China with a calm mind and firm leadership.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Larian & # 39; s Divinity: Original Sin 2 is praised by critics and is considered one of the best role-playing games ever. It offers a reactive world that changes depending on your decision and can interact with any character and even kill them without losing the ability to move forward. The turn-based battle has been expanded to include more than 200 different skills, and you'll face advanced opponents. If you want to go online, there is support for four player multiplayer and a split screen option. There are even players against players so you can prove your worth against your friends.

Once you've completed the content created by Larian himself, you can download the player’s campaigns and mods from the Steam Workshop. There's even a Game Master mode where you can also create stories.

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