The Greatest Low cost Laptop computer Offers for June 2020

Buying a new laptop can quickly become a time-consuming problem. It doesn't get any easier if you have a tight budget and are looking for an offer. Before you buy, you can choose from a variety of hardware specifications, features, and even different laptop designs – not to mention the fact that you'll likely want to keep your computer for at least a few years, which means you don't want to end up with one get stuck that doesn't fit well.

Do not worry: we are here to help you. Whether you're looking for a gaming laptop, a Chromebook, a MacBook, or something else entirely, there are always bargains and price cuts if you know where to look. We've already summarized a handful of the best laptop deals you can get right now. They cover a nice wide range of features and prices, with each offer costing less than $ 1,000. Also, read our detailed buying guide if you are undecided and need a little help to find the perfect laptop for you.

The best laptop deals at the moment

  • HP 15 touchscreen laptop – – $ 470. was $ 600
  • Lenovo ThinkPad E495 – – $ 670was $ 729
  • HP Specter x360 13 2-in-1 (Refurbished) – – $ 799. was $ 999
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover keyboard – – $ 799. was $ 1,029
  • MacBook Air (2020) – – $ 950, was $ 1,000

HP 15 touchscreen laptop

HP has built its name on affordable Windows PCs and still offers some of the best high quality work machines. The 15-inch HP touchscreen laptop is a great entry-level work computer for anyone looking for a good work machine for less than $ 500: it has an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU with Radeon Vega 8 graphics (which you a little juice for light gives gaming) and 12 GB RAM and a 256 GB solid-state system drive with a perfect size.

At $ 470 after a $ 130 price cut, it's roughly the same price or even cheaper than many of the best Chromebooks on the market. Competitor laptops typically cost $ 500 to $ 600 or more, and since it's fairly solid hardware for a cheap laptop, its low price won't make it feel that outdated easily.

Lenovo ThinkPad E495

Lenovo ThinkPad E495 with AMD Ryzen

Without the legendary ThinkPad, no summary of Windows laptops would be complete, and the Ryzen-based E495 is a hit for sleepers. It offers almost everything we love about these proven workhorses, right down to its robust construction, the solid keyboard (complete with the TrackPoint) and the touchpad, as well as the generous battery life. The 14-inch 1080p display won't take your breath away, but that's probably not why you're buying a ThinkPad – and anyway it's still better than many other ThinkPads, for reasons we always do still have, still pack 720p screens do not understand

In short, this thing is built for serious work and for the whole day. This configuration comes with one of the newer AMD Ryzen 5 APUs with integrated Radeon RX Vega graphics (with a little gaming performance from an otherwise business-oriented computer), 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Many ThinkPads bring you a grand or more back, but a $ 59 discount means the E495 can now be yours for $ 670.

HP Specter x360 13 2-in-1 (Refurbished)

HP Specter x360 13 (Late 2018)Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

If you are looking for a convertible 2-in-1 device that works both as a laptop and as a tablet, you need look no further than the HP Specter x360 13. The latest version with "Gem-Cut" A perfect result in our test because of the impressive appearance, the excellent performance, the high-quality workmanship and the breathtaking battery life.

At the moment, you can buy this HP refurbished (almost mint condition) model with a Core i7 CPU and a 256 GB SSD for $ 200 and lower the price to $ 799. It's a nice break, but keep an eye on it as HP aggressively rated this version. There is probably a good reason for this: HP recently released a new version of the Specter x360 13 that fixes the only problem – larger frames – while upgrading to 10th generation Intel CPUs and a 4K OLED display option will be added.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover keyboard

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover keyboard

One of the best laptops on the market today – for several years now – is a tablet. The Surface Pro line has been one of our favorite 2-in-1 models for some time, and the new Surface Pro 7 isn't a breathtaking update, but it's a very solid machine. It's incredibly well built, looks good, and performs well. It has a built-in stand and, when used with a Type Cover keyboard, makes for a fantastic 2-in-1 ultrabook. We would also be happy if we did not mention this beautiful, productivity-friendly 3: 2 touchscreen.

One of our few complaints was that the Type Cover is still not included by default, but this bundle fixes this little problem: This configuration has a Core i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD and a black Type Cover keyboard, so you can use it as a laptop right away. And at just $ 799 ($ ​​230 discount), the entire package is well within our $ 1,000 budget limit.

MacBook Air (2020)

Deals for Apple products are hard to find, and sometimes you have to buy them if you can. The MacBook Air, which was modernized and redesigned in 2018, is the best entry-level MacBook you can buy – perfect for students or business people. The latest update for 2020 is just as great, and if you want the one with the latest and greatest hardware (which you can still find for less than $ 1,000) then this is the one.

Right now, you can get this deal on the 2020 MacBook Air with a $ 50 discount. This configuration comes with an Intel Core i3, 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD. It also comes with a beautiful display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600, which gives you a lot of power for productivity work. What i don't like

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