How one can Play Unplayable Movies on Your PC: 6 Strategies to Attempt

Did you find a video file that you cannot play? This could be due to a bad media player, missing codecs or a problem with the file. There may be a problem with Digital Rights Management (DRM) that is preventing a video from playing.

You may also experience problems playing videos online from a PC, e.g. B. on Amazon or other websites.

In many cases, you can overcome problems and get the videos up and running. Here's what you need to know about dealing with error codes, codecs, streaming, and video playback errors.

Common reasons for video playback errors

It is often frustrating to find a video file on your PC that cannot be played, especially if it previously worked.

Various factors affect the playback of a video file:

  1. Your media player cannot play it
  2. Codecs are missing on your computer
  3. The file extension is not recognized
  4. A DRM decryption key is missing
  5. The video file is damaged
  6. The online video service has a problem

Some of these bugs can be fixed. others cannot. Let's look at how to play online and local videos on your PC and fix bugs.

1. Confirm the video file extension

Most video files have recognizable extensions. For example, you are probably familiar with WMV, AVI, MP4 or MKV. However, many other file extensions are used for videos. (Some of them indicate the format of the video files, others are just container formats.)

In some cases, the file extension may have changed. It is important to find the correct file extension, although this can be a trial and error.

If your video file cannot be played and you are convinced, change the file extension:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Go to File> Options> View
  3. Find Hide extensions for known file types
  4. Uncheck the box and click Apply
  5. click OK to confirm

You can then see the file extensions of your video file. This is indicated as described above. To change the video file extension, first make a note of where you want it to begin.

Then use the context menu to search Rename and change the extension to another recognized suffix. On demand Are you sure you want to change it?, click Yes.

Rename video file extensions

Changing the file extension doesn't work often, but it's worth taking the time to make sure the correct extension is set.

2. Update to VLC Media Player

Two media players are preinstalled in Windows 10. The first is the older Windows Media Player 12, which was updated regularly, but was already released with Windows 7 in 2009. The second is Film & TV, a video playback app that supports a wide range of video formats.

At first glance, the film and TV app could be the clever option. Finally, a modern video player should be able to play all previous file formats.

However, this is not necessarily the case. To save money on licensing, Microsoft has left out the support for some video codecs on Windows 10. Therefore, a video that worked on Windows 7 or 8 may not be playable on Windows 10 with the pre-installed media players.

The solution to this, however, is simple: use the VLC Media Player instead. There is a very good chance that the video file will play.

Download: VLC media player (free)

However, VLC is not the only solution. Other Windows 10 media players

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are also available.

3. Install the latest video codecs

To play a video file that exists in the wildest corners of the web, you need two things:

  1. A media player (or the software)
  2. A codec

You know what a media player is – but what is a codec?

In simple words, it is software that knows how to convert the video to a visible state.

Many codecs can be used to encode videos. In a sense, the codec is like the key and your video is like a locked file. You need the same key or codec to view the file that the file was encoded with.

This leads to problems if you don't have the correct codec installed.

The VLC Media Player is the solution to many problems with video playback. It can play almost any video format, from XviD to Real Video to optical discs. Codecs are built into the VLC media player, although other video playback techniques are used.

In addition, the VLC media player can play member files, which can be useful for determining the viability of a file.

Don't worry if you're already using another media player and don't want to switch. You can install all the necessary codecs with the K-Lite Codec Pack. This is a package of free codecs that allow you to play any video and audio files.

With the right codecs, video files should play smoothly. Choppy video playback

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can be fixed in several ways, including by upgrading to the latest codecs.

Download: K-Lite Codec Pack (free)

4. DRM problems prevent playback

In other cases, some video files are tied to a particular media player.

This is most common with the M4V video format, a DRM-encoded version of the MP4 format. Unlike MP4, M4V can only be played with Apple's media player software.

M4V files are purchased through the Apple TV app and previously through iTunes. If you used this service to buy video files and they don't open in your regular software, use Apple's media player software.

If the file is also corrupted, you may need a new copy. Check your purchases in iTunes to download the file again.

5. Repair or partially display damaged video files

Fixed 0xc00d36e5 video playback error

Windows 10 may display error messages that affect MOV and MP4 files. However, with the right tool you can fix error 0xc00d36e5 or 0xc00d36c4. It usually comes with the message "Item is not playable, please request the content again." Accompanied.

What tool do you need to work around this error? It's the VLC media player again.

If Windows 10 can't play video with the native tools, VLC is the alternative. Error codes can be overcome and even damaged and partially downloaded video files can be played.

Of course, damaged video files are ultimately useless. If possible, replace a damaged file with a backup, or download it again from a reliable source.

Note that error 0xc00d36e5 can also occur due to other factors. In addition to a damaged file, the storage medium may also be damaged. Power problems can also cause error 0xc00d36e5.

There may also be a problem with the Windows registry that causes playback problems. Reset the Windows registry

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can help fix this.

6. Troubleshoot your online streaming service

Not only video files hosted on your PC can lead to error messages. Unplayable videos from the Internet can also cause problems.

Here's an example: Amazon Prime Video error code 9074. Usually limited to Roku errors, this is one of several error codes that Prime Video displays, but they are often interchangeable.

Prime video playback error codes can be caused by:

  • Server problems
  • VPN and proxies
  • An error on the playback device
  • General service failure

In some cases, waiting will fix the problem. It's also worth restarting your PC to make sure the problem isn't yours.

In contrast to media player playback, no additional codecs are required for streaming videos from the Internet. However, other issues that prevent playback can be reset with a restart – and who knows that the Prime Video server may be operational again when Windows 10 restarts.

You can also avoid problems streaming videos from Amazon. Simply download Amazon videos to your PC

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watch first, then at will.

Now you can repair and play unplayable videos on your PC

If you have problems playing locally stored videos, on removable media or on Windows 10, VLC Media Player should be your first solution.

For other issues, consider file extension, DRM issues, and streaming issues.

Sometimes Windows 10 error messages can be caused by other underlying problems. Be sure to take the time to fix them. Failure to solve these problems can lead to worse problems, e.g. B. Windows 10 Black Screen of Death

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