How one can Make a Saddle in Minecraft

You tamed a horse in Minecraft, but the beast still has its own mind – it will absolutely not follow your lead. To take control of your mount, you need a saddle. If you want to find out how to make a saddle with the crafting table, we have bad news: you just can't make a saddle.

For some reason, developer Mojang doesn't make a saddle a craft item. Instead, you have to get it in several ways, including trading, exploration, and fishing. If you're brave, you can even take on a Ravager just to ride your horse.

Here are instructions on where to find a saddle and who will trade for it.

Exchange for a saddle

You can get a saddle from the villagers of the leather workers. If you don't see any in the surrounding villages, you can always place a cauldron and produce a villager (if possible). However, you have to let the villager ascend, as he only offers a saddle from level 3. This is achieved by trading in emeralds, leather, rabbit skin, flint and everything else the villager wants.

Minecraft leatherworkers trade

Unfortunately, as shown above, you cannot continuously improve the villager on one visit. At some point he runs out of items to trade and only updates his inventory twice a day when he has access to the cauldron.

Once you get the leatherworker to level 5 (master), your chance of acquiring a saddle increases by up to 50%.

Get saddles out of chests

If you don't want to upgrade a leatherworker, it's best to find a saddle in a chest. Fortunately, there are many places to look for. Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed a saddle every time you open a chest. Below you will find the locations, how to find these locations and your chances of finding a saddle in percent.

Abandoned mine shafts (percentage unknown)

Minecraft mineshaft chest

Underground mine shafts are covered with cobwebs (bring scissors). You can also find them on the surface in Badlands biomes. They are usually inhabited by giant spiders, skeletons and other bad guys.

Desert Temple (23.5%)

Minecraft Desert Temple "class =" m-Karussell - picture dt-lazy-no "src =" "srcset =" Data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Minecraft Desert Temple Chests "class =" m-carousel - image dt-lazy-no "src =" "srcset = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Here we discovered a hole in the middle of the temple floor that led to a chamber below. There we found four chests with rotten meat, horse armor, string and much more.

Dungeons (28.3%)

Minecraft Dungeon Chests 1 "class =" m-carousel - image dt-lazy-no "src =" "srcset = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Minecraft Dungeon Chests 2 "class =" m-carousel - image dt-lazy-no "src =" "srcset = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

You can find dungeons in caves. They are based on mossy stones and cobblestones. In the middle you usually see a fire pit, from which monsters emerge, which in turn guard the chest (s).

End City (13.3%)

To get to the end city, you have to travel to the end and defeat the end dragon. Once it's defeated, you'll need to use an Ender Pearl to get through a small portal and reach the End City. For this guide, End City also included a searchable endship that, along with other goodies, produced a saddle.

Jungle Temple (12.9%)

Minecraft Jungle Temple "class =" m-Karussell - picture dt-lazy-no "src =" "srcset =" Data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Minecraft Jungle Temple Chest "class =" m-Karussell - picture dt-lazy-no "src =" "srcset = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

In contrast to desert temples, jungle temples are much more difficult to find given all the trees and vines. They consist of cobblestones, mossy cobblestones and grapevines. Go inside, go down the stairs, and clear all traps before trying to find the temple's treasures.

Nether Fortress (35.3%)

Minecraft Nether Fortress Color Fixed "class =" m-Karussell - Bild dt-faul-no "src =" "srcset = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Minecraft Nether Fortress Chests "class =" m-carousel - picture dt-lazy-no "src =" "srcset = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

To get into the nether, you need to build a nether portal from obsidian blocks together with flint and steel. Once you're through, you'll find it hard to find a nether fortress in the dim red underworld. Remember that every single travel block in the Nether means eight blocks in the overworld.

Fortresses (2.5%)

Minecraft Stronghold "class =" m-Karussell - picture dt-lazy-no "src =" "srcset =" data: image / gif ; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Minecraft Stronghold Chests "class =" m-carousel - image dt-lazy-no "src =" "srcset =" data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Fortresses are difficult to find like jungle temples. However, these areas are not covered by vegetation. Instead, they are buried deep underground with no entrance or exit. In addition to chests, forts have libraries, prisons, and an end portal that takes you to the Ender Dragon Fight and end credits.

Villages (varies)

Minecraft Savanna Village

In every village you can get saddles from chests belonging to smiths and tanners. You can also get saddles from chests in savannah homes in the savannah biomes. The landscape has greenish-brown grass and leaves, while the roofs are orange, as shown above. Here are the chances for these three specific chests:

  • Blacksmith's boxes – 16.2%
  • Savannah house boxes – 11.3%
  • Tanner's boxes – 17.3%

Fish for a chest

This is the least likely method of making a saddle with a 0.8% chance. If you've never fished in Minecraft, now is a good time to learn.

Step 1: Open your crafting table and combine three sticks with two cords, As shown below. Don't you have these ingredients? How to do it:

  • 2 wooden boards = 4 sticks
  • 1 spider web = 9 string (string is also dropped by spiders)

Create Minecraft fishing rod

Step 2: Equip your fishing rod, climb to the water and throw your line. You can do the following:

  • PC – Press the right mouse button
  • console – Press the left trigger
  • Mobile phone, cellphone – Tap the Fish button

Minecraft catch a fish

Step 3: A bubble trail crosses the water towards your bait. If it is submerged, press or tap the appropriate button.

Kill a devastator

Minecraft Ravager

You can usually find Ravager near villages when attacking villagers. With pillagers on their backs, they appear in groups of five. Otherwise, non-mounted Ravagers appear in groups of three to seven. You can also find them near Pillager Outposts. They are extremely hostile, so bring along iron golems, use a ranged weapon, or wield a diamond sword and armor.

Switch on the cheats!

Activate Minecraft cheats

If you don't want to make an effort to get a saddle, you can always create a world in creative mode. Everything Minecraft has to offer is added to your inventory. No questions asked.

However, if you have already created a world, you can still activate a cheat mode in which you can enter commands. Here's how it works for most platforms:

  • Java Edition – Open for LAN> Allow cheats: On> Start LAN world (you have to do this every time you load the world)
  • Windows 10 / Mobile – Settings> Game> Activate cheats
  • Console – Settings> Cheats> Activate cheats

To enter a code:

  • PC – Press the Enter key or the T key
  • Console – Press the D-Pad on the right
  • Cell phone, cell phone – Tap the Chat button

For the saddle related cheats you can enter the following:

  • I give the player name saddle 1
  • / summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Tame: 1, SaddleItem: {id: 329, Count: 1}}

Use the saddle now!

Minecraft horse with saddle

You haven't gone through all of these difficulties for just one topic. Hit the saddle on a horse and get dizzy!

Step 1: Make sure you're empty-handed and do the following to tame a horse:

  • PC – Press the right mouse button
  • Console – Press the left trigger
  • Cell phone, cell phone – Tap the Mount button

Step 2: The horse may or may not try to ward you off. If so, repeat step 1 until the horse gives up.

Step 3: Open your inventory while you are still on the horse. You should combine the horse's inventory with your inventory. Drag the saddle from your inventory with a gray saddle symbol to the top square. As soon as it is applied, the horse symbol changes.

Minecraft place saddle on horse

Now that you have a saddle on your horse, you can steer it wherever you want. Would you like to dismount without removing the saddle? Proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Proceed as follows to dismount:

  • PC – Press the left shift key
  • Console – Push the right stick down
  • Cell phone, cell phone – Double-tap the Center button

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