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Earlier this year, we updated our CPU buying guide that focuses on Ryzen. Although this guide will be updated after the Ryzen 3 and Threadripper landed, these tips are still as valid today as they were with the Ryzen 5 1600.

Today we're just going to do something different just for fun and look at the top 5 worst CPUs released in recent years. This is not to be taken as seriously as one of our buying guides. If you happen to have one of these CPUs, please don't be offended. Under certain conditions, they can even be a justified purchase. Without further ado, let's see why we think these are bad tips for most users …

Intel Core i7-6950X (Broadwell-E)

Most of these tips will undoubtedly be controversial, but this could shake up the comments more than others. From a technical point of view, the Core i7-6950X was a miracle. At the time of publication, it was by far the most powerful desktop CPU and not only surpassed the productivity workloads, but was also a very powerful gaming processor.

It had no weakness in terms of performance, the power consumption was very reasonable for a 10-core / 20-thread CPU, and although it wasn't the best overclocker, it was impressive for a 10-core part. Sounds good so far, but the problem was the price.

After a fairly long wait, the Core i7-6950X landed at an incredible $ 1750 (!). Enthusiasts were like, please Intel. We called it "The King of Falling Returns".

The previous generation flagship from Intel was released two years earlier for $ 1,000. After a fairly long wait, the Core i7-6950X landed at an incredible $ 1750 (!). Enthusiasts were like, please Intel. We called it "The King of Falling Returns". The price cut has led the PC tech community in the wrong direction, and it has become clear that Intel is simply taking advantage of its dominance (in a sense, it opened the door for AMD's comeback if they should have a viable product). This is what leads to the absence of competition and the 6950X was a rude reminder of it.

Intel Core i7-7740X / Core-i5 7640X (Kaby Lake-X)

Taking advantage of deep pocket enthusiasts, Intel decided to confuse us by releasing quad-core CPUs on their high-end desktop platform. Is it 2013 or what? Since this was the last time we saw a 4-core CPU on Intel's premium desktop platform, we think that the arrival of Ryzen would force Intel to increase the number of cores in a meaningful way, and they do this.

After the world's technology media put their heads together and tried to figure out why Kaby Lake-X was a thing, we now have an even more confusing lake to navigate. However, no one really solved this riddle, and based on what we've heard from retailers, consumers don't seem to understand either.

We found the Core i7-7740X in 44th place among the bestsellers of the CPU from Amazon. The list is updated every hour, but damn it, Amazon seems to be selling more AMD FX processors, ouch. However, we are proud that the Core i7-7800X, 7820X and 7900X are all placed higher. So it's good to see consumers doing their homework.

AMD FX-9590

Well, come on, you knew this would come. Even the toughest, fight-ready AMD fans have given up on this, admitted defeat and gathered behind Ryzen. From the release of the FX-8150 in 2011 to the motherboard roasting of the FX-9590 in 2014, the FX series has sucked worse than any CPU we can remember in the past decade. From day one, the FX series proved to be about as efficient as a Honda hybrid-powered formula. There were endless FX owners leaning back in garden chairs waiting for their games to load.

Well, come on, you knew this would come.

The only way for AMD was to lower prices so low that they hadn't seen what it looked like to break even. They were better off buying a Core i3 from around 2013.

Intel Core i3-7350K

In addition to the AMD FX series, the Intel Core i3-7350K was the most nominated worst CPU, and we have to admit that we were hesitant to include it. It doesn't make any sense at all in terms of price and performance, even with its new price of $ 140. In order to actually use the unlocked clock multiplier of the 7350K, you need to buy a more expensive Z-series motherboard and remember that it doesn't include a cooler either. A cooler raised the price by at least $ 20, so it was back at $ 160, and we still need a motherboard that supports overclocking.

If you take into account all of the additional costs, you're essentially getting a really expensive dual core that is more than twice the price of the G4560 and not much faster. Still, the Kaby Lake architecture is very good, so the 7350K isn't bad in terms of performance and efficiency. It is perhaps the weakest choice of the 5 worst CPUs. It's still difficult to recommend this Core i3 with other better alternatives right next to it.

AMD FX-8370E

The FX-8320E was billed as an 8-core CPU with low power consumption and was anything but. After unpacking, it consumed well over 50% more power than a comparable Haswell-based Core i5 and was at best able to reach it when productivity was high. When it came to games, the Core i5-443 blew up the 8320E to give an example, even if it was overclocked beyond 4.5 GHz.

The only salvation was the Core i3-like price ($ 142) for the 8320E, although the FX-8370E that we're focusing on cost almost $ 200. The E variant of FX processors was a desperate step to move inventory at the end of 2014.

If you invested in an FX-8370E in 2014 for $ 194 or the Core i5-4670K for $ 242, this additional $ 50 means that you still have 3 years later in 2017 have a powerful game system that you don't really need an upgrade. In the meantime, the FX-8370E would plague you in many modern titles with a terrible 1% performance, and you would have a bad time.

Wrap up

We chose two AMD FX processors, but the FX-9590 and FX-8370E really represent the entire series. AMD really dirty the bed on this one. While the Core i3-7350K is a sketchy choice, since Kaby Lake doesn't offer any improvement over Skylake in terms of IPC gains, Intel continues to use a garbage TIM on its unlocked premium models and the fact that the offer has taken so long Another unlocked part under $ 200 …

Update (9/11): Just a week after this article was published, we reviewed the AMD's latest APU, the A12-9800. The A12 is not based on the newer Zen architecture and is really bad at 20 over 100. If the timing had been better, this processor would certainly have made this list, since we can't find a valid reason or situation for these CPUs make an ounce make sense.

In the meantime, the Core i7-7740X and the Core i5 7640X, also known as "Krappy Lake", are an obvious and well-deserved choice for this list, and we will never forgive Intel for the Core i7-6950X. Any rating firm that has rated both the i7-7740X and i7-6950X at more than 90% will likely have to look at themselves for a long time, but hey, we all make mistakes.

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