Easy methods to Neglect a Community on a Mac

It's convenient that our laptops quickly remember familiar networks without asking permission to connect. However, sometimes you may want to forget a network manually. For example, if you have problems with your office or home WiFi, sometimes you just need to remove the network from your WiFi settings and then reconnect. This guide shows you how to forget a network on a Mac in three easy steps. We will use the latest version of MacOS, Catalina, in our manual. However, the steps are the same for most versions of MacOS.

Step 1: Open the network settings

First go to your Finder bar with the mouse and then click on your WiFi symbol. This will open a list of all the Wi-Fi networks in your area. Click Open Network Preferences in the list below.

Here you will find all advanced settings for the network devices of your Mac.

Step 2: Open the advanced settings

How to forget a network in MacOS

Here you can add and remove network adapters, switch Wi-Fi on or off and configure the settings for your individual Wi-Fi networks – regardless of whether you want to automatically connect to certain networks or connect new networks. You can also view your network IP address here, which can be helpful in diagnosing other network problems. Check out this menu if forgetting a network doesn't fix your Wi-Fi problems as it contains useful information for further troubleshooting. Apart from that, we will just click the Advanced button below and continue with our last step.

Step 3: remove the network

How to forget a network in MacOS

After clicking the "Advanced" button, many options and settings windows will appear, which you don't have to worry about. This menu allows you to manually add networks, check your TCP / IP settings, network hardware settings, and your Mac's unique Wi-Fi address. You can also drag the networks in the order you prefer if you routinely switch between one or more Wi-Fi networks during your day. To do this, simply click on networks and drag them up and down in the order of your preferred priority.

The last step is the easiest: just click on the network you want to forget and then click the minus (-) symbol at the bottom of the list. Done, and now the selected network is forgotten.

Hopefully that should solve your network problem. Restart your Mac and reconnect to the network if you're still having trouble. And if you're still having trouble after that, it may be time to read one of our other guides – you may have a bigger problem.

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