Windows build is expiring

The Windows Insider Preview program allows you to run early versions of the upcoming Windows 10 builds. You can test new features, provide feedback on development, and help shape the development of Windows 10. However, sometimes your Windows 10 Insider Preview build will expire. That said, Microsoft no longer supports […]

Windows Drive Space Free

You probably know that a solid state drive (SSD) is a great upgrade for your computer because it runs much faster than a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD). However, because SSDs are more expensive, you may not be able to afford a large enough SSD to hold all of your […]

Various tools are preinstalled with Puppy Linux

You probably know that Linux can run on most devices. You may even know that it can perform most tasks, such as: B. supercomputers, web servers and even low specification systems. A Linux distribution that is particularly suitable for computers with minimal system specifications and resources is Puppy Linux. What […]

Windows 10 format USB drive

Are you trying to format a removable disk and see the error "Windows could not finish formatting"? You will probably feel stuck because you have an unusable device. Regardless of whether this formatting error occurs on a USB flash drive, an SD card or similar, we will show you what […]

Windows 10 auto correction

Typing on a mobile keyboard corrects minor typing errors. You don't get the same advantage on a physical keyboard of a PC. Your computer will recognize a misspelled word and leave a red underline. But you can get auto correction on your PC! Let's look at how to use AutoCorrect […]

An example of a branded corporate background in Microsoft Teams

As the current pandemic continues, more and more workers are forced to work from home whenever possible. Microsoft Teams wants to make this transition easier by increasing the meeting attendee limit to 20,000 people. What can Microsoft teams expect? The message was posted on the Microsoft 365 blog. All new […]

Windows 10 printer troubleshooting

Printers are certainly not new technology. So you would think that they are now easy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. One problem that can occur is when your printer indicates that it is offline in Windows 10. Any good modern printer can connect to your computer via Ethernet or […]

Run sfc to fix the video scheduler internal error

A blue screen of death, known technically as Stop erroris never a happy experience for Windows users. Your computer crashes without warning and loses your work or other data. The defective hardware damaged page Error is one such critical error that can occur without warning. How to permanently fix the […]