Surface 3 Win Button

Whether you want to capture friends and family making funny faces on Skype, or need accessible photos from online resources or programs, users benefit in many ways from taking screenshots. By simply pressing the print screen button on a keyboard, you can always see everything that is happening on your […]

This Monstrous Asus Gaming PC Is a Bargain at $1,200 — Save $250

Digital Trends can earn a commission when you buy from links on our website. Asus is building ROG's reputation as a brand for high-performance yet affordable gaming PCs, and the ROG Strix GL10DH continues that plan. Asus doesn't stick with impressive features for the $ 1,450 worth of gaming PC. […]

Update Windows 10 Versions Step 1a

How to use Windows Do you run more applications than the average person or do you need more remote functionality? If so, then you have probably outgrown your use of the standard Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 Pro could be for you. That's not to say Windows 10 Home […]

What Graphics Card Do I Have? How to Find Out What GPU Is in Your System

Your graphics card can play an important role in determining which program or game your computer can run successfully, and it can also help make streaming and browsing the internet smoother. If you're having trouble with any of these activities, you may want to find out what GPU you have […]

What Is a CPU? Here's Everything You Need to Know

If you are just learning about the world of computers and electronics, the terminology for different parts can be confusing. One component term you may have come across is "CPU", an abbreviation for "Central Processing Unit". In short, CPUs are found in almost every device you own, whether it's a […]