Apple Reportedly Aiming to Launch AR/VR Headset in 2022

Apple plans to launch a headset with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) capabilities next year. The device is scheduled for release in 2022.

Although plans may change, the AR / VR headset could be announced next year, Bloomberg said, citing Mike Rockwell, head of the Apple Technology Development Group, at an all-hands meeting last fall. The secret department, which is to be dedicated to AR and VR, is also planning to launch the AR glasses on the market in 2023 at the earliest.

Apple's AR / VR headset comes with high-resolution screens that make it "almost impossible for the user to distinguish the virtual world from the real one". Making the experience more realistic is a cinematic speaker system, according to people who have tried prototypes of the device. The headset will also have its own app store that can focus on games, stream videos, and serve as a communication device for virtual meetings.

The original design for the AR / VR headset was an "extremely powerful system with graphics and processing speeds that were previously unknown for a portable product". However, the device would have been equipped with a stationary hub that was dropped after Apple CEO Tim Cook was reportedly on the side of Jony Ive, the company's former design chief, who reportedly preferred the concept of standalone AR glasses.

Digital Trends has asked Apple to comment on the rumored AR / VR headset.

Apple is working on AR / VR

The development of an AR / VR headset by Apple has long been rumored. A November DigiTimes report claimed the company partnered with video game publisher Valve for the device. A leaked version of iOS 14 apparently revealed a photo of a controller for an AR or VR headset that was similar to the one used for HTC Vive Focus, MacRumors reported in March.

Apple continues to invest in VR and will buy California-based NextVR in May. Leaker Jon Prosser meanwhile claimed that Apple's AR glasses, which will be known as Apple Glass, will hit the market in 2022 with a starting price of $ 500.

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